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Celebrate two of Scotland’s most famous inventions – whisky and golf – with this mini glass whisky decanter featuring a Scotland logo golf ball on a tee. The decanter is beautifully presented on a solid oak base and comes filled with 100ml of Blended Scotch Whisky.

Both whisky and golf were born in Scotland, and this decanter celebrates that in style. It is designed and distributed from the heart of Scotland, and the golf ball is branded with a logo that celebrates Scotland’s position as the home of golf.  Alternatively, you can use your own personal golf ball in the design instead. Please contact us in plenty of time, for more information.

The mini golf ball and tee whisky decanter is a great gift idea for all special occasions, including corporate events, prize-givings, anniversaries and celebrations. If someone in your life loves Scotland, whisky, golf, or all of the above, then this could be the perfect present for them.

please allow 14 days for delivery...

  • returns policy

    this is a no refund non return item

    due to this being a delicate item

    therefor please read full description prior to purchase.

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