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Along with whisky, the image of the kilted bagpiper is one of the most iconic representations of Scotland, known and loved all around the world. Now you can combine your love of Scottish culture with your love of our national drink, with this quirky glass Scotch whisky decanter, featuring a fun caricature model of a Highland bagpiper.

The mini bottle can hold 100ml and will come pre-filled with a beautiful Blended Scotch Whisky. The bagpipe player decanter is also one of the most affordable designs in our range, making it a great corporate gift idea, a thoughtful Christmas present, a surprise for Mother’s Day or Father’s day, or an awesome way to celebrate a graduation.

All our whisky decanters are designed and distributed in the heart of Scotland and represent all the best parts of our amazing heritage and culture.

please allow 14 days for delivery...

  • returns policy

    this is a no refund non return item

    due to it being a delicate item

    therefor please read full description prior to purchase.

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